G_TigerI invite you to…

Join me for a fun weekend of creative expression, movement and magic, as you learn to paint mandalas and sacred art. Transformation is inevitable as you allow yourself to (as one of my mentor’s would say) ‘Yield to the Paint’, entering the sacred space of the mandala and the center of your heart.

Painting Mandalas and Sacred Art will allow you to…

  • Creatively expand.
  • Be seen, heard and supported.
  • Express the colors of your soul.
  • Connect with the Divine/Yourself/Others.

To register or learn more about an upcoming workshop click this ‘Art Workshops‘ link.

Mandala & Sacred Art  Workshop – April 2013
Acorn Wellness Center, Oakland, CA 

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Help For New Artists That Want to Make Money…

Early in my art career I was looking for some guidance and inspiration on how to carve out a successful career as an artist, when I found, The Unconventional Guide to Art and Money: Thriving As an Artist Without Selling Out by Zoe Westhof & Chris Guillebeau.

It shifted my perspective from artists are destined to be poor and helped me to really learn about how other successful artists are monetizing their art careers in today’s modern marketplace.

All the materials were easy to digest and I was able to listen to the audio interviews from my phone while I did other things.

His materials are great for people on the go.  This program is unlike any other book or class that I have taken, with it’s mult-media approach.

I recommend Chris and his products to any creative souls that are just beginning their careers as artists and are looking for ways and means to get up to speed on how other artists are succeeding.

Unconventional Guides Product Page