Workshop Gallery

Aroma Art Retreat – Paint Your Muse of Wonder – January 2016
Gerlach Ranch, Martinez, CA 

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Prayer Flags – Red Thread Session – December 2015
Sirena’s Cottage, Oakland, CA 

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Mandala & Sacred Art  Workshop – April 2013
Acorn Wellness Center, Oakland, CA 

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Magical Sparkle Mandala Workshop – July 2012
The Palace of the Soul, San Francisco, CA

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Personalized Mandala Birthday Party Workshop – June 2012
San Ramon, CA

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Custom Mandala Workshop for Ladies Group – April 2012
San Ramon, CA

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Mandala Workshop for Girls 8 – 10 yrs old – March 2012
Casa Spa, Oakland,  CA

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Mandala & Sacred Art  Workshop – November 2010
Casa Spa, Oakland, CA

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Mandala & Sacred Art  Workshop – February 2010
Casa Spa, Oakland, CA 

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Mandala & Sacred Art  Workshop – August 2009
Terra’s Temple, Oakland, CA

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Mandala & Sacred Art  Workshop – May 2009
Danville Yoga Center, Danville, CA

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Mandala & Sacred Art  Workshop – March 2009
Danville Yoga Center, Danville, CA

[slickr-flickr tag=”mandalaworkshop03-2009″]

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  1. These are just beautiful, Gina! I really resonate with the mandala paintings —- I’m so impressed that that all seem to come out so exact and precise! Congrats!

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