“I was always intrigued by mandalas so for my 38th birthday I contracted Gina to lead a workshop at my home. Me and four friends were guided on a transformational process where we developed a connection with powerful and creatives aspects within us. Gina, and the mandala itself, was the impetus for many real life changes. Several months later I met my future husband and in October 2013 we gave birth to a beautiful flower – our daughter, Angelina. I have made over 12 mandalas in the last 2.5 years since Gina’s workshop. Each one represents a different aspect of my life. Creating mandalas has become something like abstract meditation to me, drawing on wells of divine wisdom in areas such as communication, partnerships, and service. I feel more empowered. I have more joy. Gina is an enthusiastic lover of mandalas and, as such, is a tremendous spiritual resource to our community. Thank you Gina!”
Karie Spowart – Mandala Artist & Mother
See some of Karie’s Mandalas below…



“I wanted to share what an amazing experience the Mandala Painting Workshop is. We have seven more hours today and we are all in awe of this new soul-full experience. The Center transformed itself beautifully into an artists’ circle. Gina is grounded, yet light, and spiritual but pragmatic about colors and techniques…a gifted teacher and guide for all of us who have no painting experience. We will definitely offer this workshop again so consider how to you could make some deserved space for yourself, for an entire weekend.”

Kamla Sufi – Magical Artist & Owner Danville Yoga Center

“I am running late for my dinner date but want to thankyouthankyouthankyou for a fabulous F – Sun. I am on a new path and I cannot thank you enough!!!!! I so enjoyed the magical weekend of painting. Oddly enough, the image of the Buddha that I used for my painting is the same Buddha image that I will soon be visiting. I’m leaving for 7 weeks in India and Nepal on Sunday and am heading towards Tibetan Buddhist communities both in India (Dharamsala) and trekking in Nepal to Old Tibet. I can’t wait to experience the artwork up close and am definitely bringing colored pencils & paper thanks to the breakthrough art weekend you orchestrated.”

Linda Pantoskey – Magical Artist & a mother, sister, daughter, aunt, great-aunt, friend, teacher, student, and admirer of this complex, connected world

“My heart is filled with gratitude for sharing your passion for art, the symbolism of the magical mandala, and your gifts as a teacher with me this weekend. The intimate setting of the Danville Yoga Center was transformed into a living, breathing, energetic space to safely explore the divine within. I carved out 16 hours for ME to create and simply be in a creative process where I could escape from the world and be delightfully selfish. I couldn’t be happier with the results. With Gina’s guidance and trust in the process, I was able to simply let each step guide the next and before I realized it, I, too came in touch with the Artist in me. I completed a stunning piece of art, “Flower of Life”, which I now display proudly for my own amazement. I highly recommend Gina’s multi-day workshop (the more days the better), as a one type of creative endeavor to bring forth the creative genius that is screaming to be set free. I’m still screaming with delight in ME and it feels GREAT!”

Patti Berger – Personality Coach & Magical Artist

“THANK YOU, thank you for an amazing weekend of connection and exploration! Thanks also for letting me crash at your house & hanging out w/ me. I love the mandala that came out of me this weekend. Sean was totally blown away when I showed it to him. He asked where I was going to hang it. When I said I didn’t know, he said it should hang on the wall across from our bed so that we can look at it from the bed.”

Carolyn Vega – Costume Designer & Magical Artist

“Thank you for a wonderful class this weekend! You are truly a talented teacher, and I wish you well in your career as teacher 🙂 Well, the mandala will hang in a prominent place and I will hold the weekend dear to my heart. Thanks again.”

Lisa Rigge – Magical Artist

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